She’ll Get Her Kiss read by Hank Beukema

My poem, “She’ll Get Her Kiss” originally published in Shadowed Grounds: Poems (2013)

Updated and Revised specifically for this reading in 1st person. I love the whole Noir tone to this. Enjoy.

She’ll Get Her Kiss

I keep a bottle close to my breast

convinced of its salvation,

for each sunrise keeps a torturous longing alive.

I won’t give up on my promise of one more kiss

this side of heaven.

The brightness of morning alerts me

to the lateness of my duties.

My blurred gaze turns to hellish things;

I am entrenched with death.

I can still feel the drink in my blood,

mixing a bold acceptance with my paralyzing fears.

I will not surrender;

I will not go gentle into that good night.

Damn her poetry.

I am bound to return to her at the end of my tour,

my passage secured by hell.


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