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A Companion of Lesser Brilliance: Poems


A Companion of Lesser Brilliance: Poems. By Eve Brackenbury & Paul McGlamery

A seduction so complete, readers will wonder if they themselves have fallen under her spell… In A Companion of Lesser Brilliance, the moon embodies the feminine archetypes…oftentimes playing the goddess, sometimes the seductress, and occasionally the nurturing mother. She is, undeniably, a sensual symbol. Poets Eve Brackenbury and Paul McGlamery explore the spiritual and mystical complexities of the moon. Their poetry is not a statement of faith, nor is it an endorsement of religion. It is an exploration of a darker, more intimate, and surprisingly feminine side to God. It is not just a collection of poems, but rather, the story of two lovers who are seduced by the moon. In this collection, the moon is not to be completely understood, nor should she be trusted.

A Companion of Lesser Brilliance (Title Poem)

the seduction began when the sun

was given a companion of lesser brilliance.

a muted beauty, she faithfully illuminated

the sun’s darkness and seduced his Beloved.

they dreamt of divine pleasures and woke

to find the sun warm and content.

Review by KY Sunshine (2010)
Whether you believe the `Man in the moon’ has all of the answers or hear the seductive call of the Siren who resides there, you will fall in love with the moon all over again. And again. And again!

The authors wrap your soul, mind, and body in streaming moonbeams as they enhance each other with their writing finesse. So, allow a slice of the moon to carry you away to places unknown or long forgotten. Dim your lights, set the fire, light the candles, get your favorite beverage and snuggle up with your best friend and enjoy.

It will be time well spent!


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