Eve Brackenbury

Poetry, Books, Writing

Shadowed Grounds: Poems


Shadowed Grounds are poems from the past. Much of her poetry has turned back in time and is written in black and white. Heartbreaking stories of war and disease litter her verses. Her poems are confessions of faith and hope.

This is a special, limited edition chapbook. To order a signed copy, email findit@inklingsbookscoffee.com for details.


“Brackenbury peels back the layers of history with these poems to reveal something of the human story that often gets left out of the annals. She gives a voice to memories of the past. These are a gift to the present…” ~Mark Nelson, author of Poets of Pevana, King’s Gambit, and Path of the Poet-King.

“Among the many attributes I have learned about my talented peer Eve Brackenbury is that she has a passion for poetry and the written word that borders on envy. She elevates our craft to a new level and in a world where poets garner little moetary gain from their work Eve reminds us that when beautiful words penetrate our minds, hearts and heads it creates a euphoria far more valuable than what is in our wallets.” ~ Jerry Plantz, Speaker, Columnist, Patriotic Poet and Author of I Held the Flag Today and More Words of Patriotism.

“Her soldier poems, ‘Various Shades of Tan and Gray,’ ‘Prepared,’ and ‘Shadowed Grounds’ are intelligently written and rendered in what American soldiers are going through in today’s world.” ~ John E. Wordslinger, Poetry Train America.


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