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The Lennox Garden: Pressed Between Pages


The Lennox Garden: Pressed Between Pages is finally in bloom! This book has captured the award winning art of Phillip King and the seductive and haunting poetry of Eve Brackenbury. Using original photography, Phillip explores the hidden textures often lurking just behind beauty. Each page invites you to explore this beauty and discover amazing images imbedded in the photos. Discover sensuous women, architecture, city landscapes, canyons, oceans, and the heavens. All while Eve weaves a journey of love and loss, thrill seeking adventures, and heartbreaking endings. This is definitely a book you will return to often. Each visit will unearth new treasures. This is art at its finest. This is the kind of art that grabs you from the start, never making you work for it, never making you feel lacking, never making you feel as though the art is beyond you. This is the kind of art that grabs your heart and imagination and doesn’t let go. You’ve been to these places, you know these images, and you’ve felt these things. The Lennox Garden is a place where you belong.

Order your signed copy today. Available at Prospero’s Parkside Books. Call 816-224-9082 or findit@inklingsbookscoffee.com

About Phillip King:

Phillip King works in film and digital media. He graduated with a BS in Graphic Design from the Art Institutes International, Kansas City. A finalist in Photography Forum’s Best of College Photography Contest, King’s work was selected from more than 30,000 photographers nationally, and was published in the Best of Photography Annual 2004. He has worked as a professional graphic designer and photographer, developing eye-catching branding profiles and capturing memorable images from weddings to live music performances. King lives in Blue Springs, Missouri with his wife and daughter.



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