Eve Brackenbury

Poetry, Books, Writing

About Eve Brackenbury


About me? What do you want to know?
Well, if you’re here looking for answers, I’d say you are a poet or a writer.
Maybe you’re a lover of poetry, or (better yet) a poet’s lover.
You might be a book lover in search of a book seller.
Or, you might even be a song writer looking for lyrics.
I know you don’t really want to know about me.
You want to know more about what you already love.
I’ll do my best.

Eve Brackenbury is a City poet and Suburban Bookseller who lives at the edge of nowhere next to a lazy bend in the river. Eve’s poetry often reflects both rural and urban landscapes. “Her poetry,” one reader pointed out, “is always sexy.” Regardless of content or subject matter, Eve finds the seduction in life. She can write about heartbreak or a rainy afternoon, and still find something sensual in the moment.

Her first book of poetry was written with co-author Paul McGlamery. A Companion of Lesser Brilliance (2010) is not just a collection of poems, but rather, the story of two lovers who are seduced by the moon.

Her second book of poetry, The Lennox Garden: Pressed Between Pages (2011), is a collaboration of poetry and art, with Phillip King. It travels along life’s highs and lows and all the bumpy paths along the way.

Her latest chapbook, Shadowed Grounds (2013), has turned back in time and is written in black and white. Heartbreaking stories of war and disease litter her verses. Her poems are confessions of faith and hope.

Look for updates on the release of her third full-length collection of poems, You.

In 2013, the poetry and work of Eve Brackenbury was published in Poetry Train America by John E. Wordslinger. An exploration and anthology and Steampunk style storytelling of poetry and trains across America.

She’s currently working on a historical writing project that deals with early 19th century scurvy and arms trade. She’s desperately seeking answers to one of history’s most elusive stories.

You can visit Eve Brackenbury at Inklings’ Books & Coffee Shoppe in Blue Springs, Missouri. While there, find copies of her books, as well as a large selection of poetry by local and regional poets, and of course old favorites. Inklings’ Book Shoppe is primarily a used book store, but also is home to local and regional authors, and collectible and antique books of all kinds. Inkling’s Coffee Shoppe (opening Spring 2015) serves Steamin’ Bean Coffee and Dellario Gelato. Inklings’ hosts literary readings, book signings, First Fridays, and the Wordstock Book Festival.

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