About Eve Brackenbury


About me? What do you want to know?
Well, if you’re here looking for answers, I’d say you are a poet or a writer.
Maybe you’re a lover of poetry, or (better yet) a poet’s lover.
You might be a book lover in search of a book seller.
Or, you might even be a song writer looking for lyrics.
I know you don’t really want to know about me.
You want to know more about what you already love.
I’ll do my best.

Eve Brackenbury is a City poet and Suburban Bookseller who lives at the edge of nowhere next to a lazy bend in the river. Eve’s poetry often reflects both rural and urban landscapes. “Her poetry,” one reader pointed out, “is always sexy.” Regardless of content or subject matter, Eve finds the seduction in life. Although much of her work is found in print, she prefers spending time with her audience. She’s a frequent guest and host for poetry readings and public speaking engagements.



Shadowed Grounds: Poems by Eve Brackenbury. Calliope Press (2013). Revised & Updated by Calliope Club Press (2017)

The Lennox Garden: Pressed Between Pages with Art by Phillip King and Poetry by Eve Brackenbury. Spartan Press (2011)

Companion of Lesser Brilliance: Poems by Eve Brackenbury & Paul McGlamery. Spartan Press (2010)


Poems published in Anthologies:

Carrying On: A Collection of Fan Poetry Inspired by the TV Series Supernatural. Edited by Welton Marsland, Forward by Actress Kim Rhodes, Sheriff Jody Mills. (2017) ISBN: 978-0646981963

Tending At The Crossroad

Resurrection of a Sunflower. Curated by Catfish McDaris and Marc Pietrzykowski. Published by Pski’s Porch Publishing. (2017) ISBN: 9760998847603.

A Study in Retrospect * Coming To Baltimore * A Night Without Black * Immotet: The Immortal Flower * Finding Beautiful * Did Absinthe Make Van Gogh’s Mind Wander? * No Use in Staging a Peasant Revolt * Still Life * It Wasn’t Just a Plate of Onions * Dust to Dust




Poetry Train America edited/compiled by John E. Wordslinger. (2013) ISBN: 978-1304119780

A Mad Max Moment * The Thrill




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